Ciscoandthesun Sustainability

When we started on our mission to produce a collection of unique tableware we knew that the beauty of natural ceramics lay in its journey. From the earth it is taken from and the hands it passes through, all the way to the recycled packaging that brings each creation safely to its final destination. That is why we are dedicated to being mindful every step of the way. 


The sustainability of ceramics depends largely on the processes of the studio and the materials used. All Cisco and the Sun pieces are crafted using raw clay from the mountains of Cambodia which is then processed at the studio to create our forms. Ceramics are made from renewable resources such as clay and sand. This base clay is enriched with natural minerals and metallic oxides, these elements are complimented by non-toxic, low impact glazes, or are left unadulterated with no glaze at all. The kilns used produce a dynamic energy and are highly insulated, allowing a sustainable low-firing process that still ensures the highest durability and quality. Cisco and the Sun also follows a strict policy of only firing the kiln when it is completely full, and throw pieces on a human-powered potter’s wheel. Dating back to the Neolithic period, ceramics are seeped in an unimaginable history and boast a timeless, natural grace.

We ship our ceramics from Cambodia to Australia – we are currently working on ways to offset this journey. Our ceramics are packaged using cardboard boxes and wrapped in local newspaper to create a lighter footprint. We use paper tape to finish our boxes off and our domestic orders are sent via Sendle which is a Carbon Neutral courier company here in Australia.

We have more we would like to contribute, and are currently working with partner companies to further better our practices and we look forward to sharing these with you as they come into play.

~ Cisco & the Sun.