Cisco and The Sun

We’re driven by the power of human connection and the time-honoured tradition of gathering around the table. Each collection consists of thoughtfully curated dining essentials, for home or venue, blending purposeful design with a refined, minimalist aesthetic to elevate your daily table ritual – in solitude or song.

Our ceramics are handcrafted from the mineral-rich clay of the Cambodian mountains and fired in wood-fuelled kilns. This process imbues each piece with its own unique character, as timeless as the ancient techniques used to shape them. Every subtle shift in size, weight, texture, and glaze bears witness to our unwavering commitment to nature’s purest intentions, signifying their spirit and dissimilarity to the mass produced.

Plates with snacks

Cisco & The Sun emerged in 2018, shortly after founder Cisco Tschurtschenthaler and George Gorrow opened their island stay in Canggu. Their meticulous attention to detail and rebellious design aesthetic quickly established the space as a highly coveted art-centric destination, inspiring Cisco to create a line of homewares that shared their considered aesthetic and dedication to sustainability.

The brand has evolved into a distinctive collection of earthly tableware essentials and has collaborated with like-minded brands on numerous lifestyle projects. Cisco & the Sun is now firmly planted on the West Coast of Australia under the creative leadership of Sarah Hendriks & Sammy Smith – known for their contributions to Sydney’s hospitality & design scenes before returning home to WA.

Cisco and The Sun

The newly opened North Fremantle ceramics studio cements the future of Cisco & the Sun in collaboration with Porch Ceramics, serving as the creative base for the design development of each brand. The space also includes a thoughtfully curated retail nook and on-site production studio for the curious to explore.

Cisco & the Sun products are designed and created in the studio before being handcrafted in Cambodia. Each unique piece undergoing its own organic evolution with local artisans employing a methodology aligned with the sixth sense, or “wabi-sabi” where certain elements cannot be seen but felt – a timeless comfort that transcends the senses and permeates from hand to soul.

Come visit us, our studio sits between the river and ocean at 2/12 Pamment Street, North Fremantle.