Talking styling and her favourite objects with Chelsea Waddell ( founder of Jointsinbyron )


As an art curator, do you feel you feel you favour form over functionality when it comes to styling a house? 

Absolutely, yes. My partner and I are both creatives and we will prioritize the look and feeling of something over its practical use. This kind of decision making has lead us into buying beautiful but uncomfortable sofas; homes with space and but no storage; furniture that is stunning but can barely be used. I never used to mind this so much until we had our son and then practicality and functionality often meant ease and comfort - two seemingly boring but important qualities in parenthood.


What are some of the rituals that help to start your day?

I’m not really one for rituals or routines… I don’t seem to have the disposition for consistency. At the moment I've been getting up extra early to walk our dog on the beach and I’ve been trying to drink a glass of water in the mornings as soon as I wake up. Does that count? 


We believe the intangible qualities of design are just as important as the tangible. What is your favourite object in your home and what feeling does it evoke?


It is a brown ceramic vessel that sits on the plinthe near the mirror in the living room. I will often move it around the house and find different homes for it - it honestly looks beautiful anywhere. It’s an antique and it has a slightly skewiff shape. I love its imperfection.


How is sustainability considered within your designs? 

We are very considered with our purchases - we choose to buy quality pieces we love, from small sustainable and local businesses and artisans. We'll purchase vintage, antique and second-hand wherever possible. We do our best not to consume single use plastics and support our local farmers and grocers in the area. While we're not perfect in our home, we are committed to making the most conscious decision that we can at each moment. 


Table-culture runs deep with Cisco & the Sun, if your IG is anything to go by you have real ‘tablescaping' game. What will always be found on a table you set? 

I really love adding lighting to a table arrangement, whether it's candlelight or a beautiful lamp on the table or nearby, I find soft and warm lighting really works well to create an intimate moment. 

What playlist do you have on repeat at your place? 

Toumàni Diabaté and the London Symphony orchestra - it works for any mood at any time of the day.


What’s next for you Chelsea? 

Personally, I am heading into the year with little expectation. Like everyone we've had loads of our plans fall flat in the last two years because of the pandemic. Life is a beautiful and strange thing and this year I'd like to focus on the small things-  More late night conversations,enjoying each phase of my son's life, making an effort to be kinder, do nice things, eat nice treats, read nice books etc. 




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