Talking Interiors and daily rituals with Lauren Burns

Lauren Burns first caught our eye over on the gram, where we discovered her monochromatic aesthetic and refined style. A creative at heart, Lauren has a special talent for capturing the details others might have missed. It only takes a glance of her visual diary to see how much she enjoys creating, and that creativity flows for her through the medium of fun. 
We spoke to Lauren about creating sentimentality in her new home, her favourite sustainable brands and who she’d like to invite over for a dinner party. 

Hi Lauren, congrats on your new home. How do you feel your personal aesthetic translates within your home?

  • Thank you! I’m a major minimalist - a clean palette brings me ease and I think that definitely shows in my home. Almost everything is built in so there’s no table legs, chunky drawers, dangling cords etc and we’ve left everything really open and light, yet functional (much like how I dress!)


What are some of the rituals that help to start your day?

  • I’m not going to lie, at the moment my morning routine is non existent with the introduction of our puppy, but usually I like to start the morning with a long, brisk walk or an online yoga class and celery juice.


 Recently you asked your IG community to share 3 things keeping them sane during lockdown, can you share yours?

  • Good food: my top pics are pasta, pizza and sticky date
  • A good book: I just finished “A little life” by Hanya Yanagihara and am onto “Just Kids” by Patti Smith
  • My partner: Cameron, no one makes me laugh or brings me more joy than he does


We believe the intangible qualities of design are just as important as the tangible. Is there an object in your home that carries a special memory?

  • I can’t pin point a particular object, a lot of our furniture is vintage/secondhand so has history attached to it but I think the house itself already carries special memories. My dad, brother and Cam all worked on painting the interior walls of the house, our closest friends built the floating TV unit and worked on the electricals for us, it’s been a huge work in progress and joint effort by the people nearest and dearest to us so the property itself is already really sentimental.


 What are some of your favourite sustainable brands?

  • When it comes to clothing: Jacinta James, Bassike and St Agni
  • Beauty: Emma Lewisham, especially being the first carbon positive (not neutral… positive!!!!) beauty brand in the WORLD!
  • Homewares: none other than Cisco & The Sun of course!



Table-culture runs deep with Cisco & the Sun, can you tell us who would be your ultimate dinner guest?

  • Guests* (can I cheat and pick two!?) My dream dinner guests would be Sophia Roe and her mum Louise Roe 
  • neither needing an introduction as they’re renowned in both the fashion and design industry, I think they would not only be incredible company and an absolute delight to spend time with, but they’d have a lot of insight to share and inspiration to give being two extremely successful women wearing multiple hats!!!



What's the most rewarding aspect of your work?

  • The people you meet and friends you make along the way. I feel like in the past two years I’ve developed more close relationships than I have in my entire life. I’m incredibly grateful for the network the industry
  • Provides and all of the talent, brands, agencies etc you connect with. It’s like a family ❤


What’s next for you Lauren?

  • Who knows! In the current climate I try not to plan too far ahead but I would love another European summer!

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