Cisco & The Sun X Flourette

Good friend of Cisco and The Sun, Christelle Scifo of fleurette is a true visionary in every sense of the word. Her creative approach to floral styling draws on her mix of fashion, music, dance and world-wide travel.

Christelle styled our vase and vessel collection, and shot on film by the incredible Bridgette Clark, with her incomparable eye of aesthetic, space and beauty.

1) What are three basic ground rules one must understand when styling flowers?

Patience is a virtue


Flower work is hard work, it takes time and effort, hours and sleepless nights to create beauty especially when working with nature and something as fleeting as flowers. 


Stick to the seasons, work with what you've got. Take cues from nature and support local growers and locally grown produce. 

2) How many vases & vessels should be used for a contemporary arrangement?


I stick to a rule of thirds, always odd numbers for arrangements if vessels, vases, objects and styling purposes. 1/3/5/7/9 for example. 

3) Do you listen to any certain artists whilst arranging?


Music is such a big part of my life, I first started out as a dancer. So, I have playlists full of tunes for any which mood I may be in that I incorporate into my practice and my studio. 


Often though when I'm under pressure or running to a deadline with the flowers I'll revert back to classical music and that which holds much nostalgia and calm following 20 years or more of ballet training. 

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