Talking Flowers with Christelle Scifo of Fleurette

Fusing floral styling with her love for fashion, travel, music and dance, Fleurette founder and creative mastermind, Christelle Scifo, styled Cisco & the Sun’s stand at the Maison & Objet in Paris, 2019 and also one of our very first campaigns for the Vase & Vessel collection. In turn, creating a stunning collection of images showcasing the products in a unique and beautiful setting, she has since become a firm friend of the brand.

Working with brands including Chanel, Fendi and Net-A-Porter, Christelle is not only a powerhouse in the floral industry, but counts creative direction, set design, brand consulting, writing and photography under her impressive skill repertoire too. Expertly styled and with a considered palette of interiors, objects, flowers, food, scent, art and music, her brand Fleurette is a culmination of Christelle’s skills and passions.

So where can one find their creative flair for flower arranging? “For me, music is such a big part of my life, I first started out as a dancer. So, I have playlists full of songs for any mood I may be in and I incorporate them into my practice and my studio”, Christelle says. Drawing upon her travel experience too, she lived in her father’s native Paris, France for many years, and now residing in Sydney, Australia, Fleurette seamlessly blends French-girl chic with an Aussie laidback nonchalance, creating a unique and beautiful style that sets her in a class of her own.

Floral arrangements can be so aesthetically beautiful, particularly when paired with the right tools and skillset, but be prepared to hone your craft for the best results. “Flower work is hard work, it takes time and effort, hours and sleepless nights to create beauty, especially when working with nature and something as fleeting as flowers! Remember, patience is a virtue too!” Christelle tells us.

And we can see that the delicate beauty and grace of her ballet dancing past clearly influences her work, as she’s curated some stunning pieces which are not just strikingly beautiful, but instil a level of calm and peacefulness when admired. Like any other piece of art, they create a stunning focal point so we fully understand why Christelle is in demand for adding her visionary floral styling at weddings, special events and in some of the world’s most stunning private residences.

Sharing Cisco & The Sun’s passion for sustainability, Christelle’s approach to flower arranging is also largely inspired by community – “Take cues from nature, work with the seasons, and support local growers as well as locally grown produce”, she recommends.

It’s not just the choice of flowers or colour palette that’s important, a top tip from Fleurette when pairing your flowers with vases or props; I stick to a rule of thirds, always odd numbers for arrangements of vessels, vases and objects for styling purposes.” Odd numbers are said to be more visually appealing, memorable, and effective than even-numbered groupings, so play around with your interior styling, turn the music up and get creative!


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